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          SICA Offices Open By Appointment Only

          Our Kamloops and Kelowna offices are open by appointment only. Please schedule an appointment online for statutory declaration services. Once at the calendar page, choose either Kelowna or Kamloops CCDC 9 Service to see available times for the applicable office.


          This fund is hosted through the Southern Interior Construction Association. The SICA Fund was established to support causes and initiatives that matter to their members. Funds raised will be used to support future post-secondary education for the children of the victims of this tragedy. Donate Here


          Membership Benefits

          • Gain brand exposure with your own Company Directory Listing
          • Become a trusted contact in the SICA Directory
          • Be a part of our regional Advocacy Initiatives
          • Get exclusive Members' Only discounts

          SICA Training Centre

          • Weekly Safety Training – No Risk of Cancellation
          • Industry Safety Training – OSSA Approved
          • Occupational Health & Safety Services
          • Monthly Safety Meetings
          • Equipment Training


          Contact SICA

          Kelowna Office
          104-151 Commercial Drive,
          Kelowna, BC V1X 7W2
          PHONE: (250) 491-7330
          Kamloops Office
          101-1410 Pearson Place,
          Kamloops, BC V1S 1J9
          PHONE: (250) 372-3364
          SICA Training Centre
          #104 - 151 Commercial Drive
          Kelowna, BC V1X 7W2
          PHONE: 778-721-8451